Muling Shi

A multimedia motion designer
that tries to fix her sleep hours︎

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About me

Rhythms + Visions 4

Rhythms + Visions / Expanded + Live 4 is an exciting outdoor event featuring live music, dance performance, large-scale projection mapping, and interactive installations. Don’t miss this one-night opportunity to see and experience a spectrum of contemporary visual art and music in a free-flowing, immersive environment featuring talent from across the schools of USC.

This event is presented by USC Visions & Voices: the Arts & Humanities Initiative.

My Role
“Across The Universe” Stage: Lead Motion Graphics Designer & Animator 
Flower Motion Desiger
Balloon Motion Designer

Adobe After effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop,  Cinema 4D

“Across The Universe” World Design

We embrace the flow and vibe of the music, build up this whimsical world :

Early World Building Exploration

Early Character Exploration

Final World Look

Flower Design

Graphic, Bold, richly colorful looping flower!

Balloon Design

We love the flowers so much!
Sooo we decide to turn into a lovely collage projection balloon project :)

Final Look